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Munch: The Must-Have App for Every Foodie

“So…where should we eat?” This familiar question is often followed by silence or 20 minutes of back-and-forth “I dunno, where do you wanna go?” until one person, in a hangry rage, makes an executive decision for the whole group. (Let me guess – they said, “let’s just get pizza” again, didn’t they?)

Going to restaurants is fun. Getting a group of foodie friends to agree on one restaurant? Not so fun. Luckily, that process is a LOT easier with Munch.

Munch: The perfect app for foodies

Munch is a dining decision-making mobile app that makes choosing where to eat fun and easy. Created for groups, Munch automates the decision-making process and removes the back-and-forth discussions that keep you from your food, allowing your group to pick a place faster and eat delicious food sooner.

How it works

Munch works kind of like a dating app (except for finding food with friends, which is way better, right?). After downloading Munch, you can create a group and invite your friends or join an existing group using a code. When you search for bars and restaurants in a specific area, you’re presented with one option at a time. You can see the spot’s name, Yelp rating, cuisine category, and can tap through their photos. If the restaurant looks like something you’re in the mood for, swipe right. Not so appealing? Swipe left.

Swipe through as many restaurant profiles as you can. Your friends will do the same. When everyone in your group swipes right on the same restaurant, the decision is made and you’re on your way to delicious food! You’ll be able to see the restaurant’s name, Yelp rating, cuisine type and hours of operation. You can also open a map view to see the restaurant’s location, open Yelp to see reviews, and even share the restaurant with others.

Why you should download Munch

We know there are a ton of apps out there, but trust us, you’ll want to download this one! Munch saves your group time, helping you pick a restaurant faster so you can debate less and eat more. It also saves friendships since you won’t be arguing with hangry foodies (you’re welcome!). Munch is easy to use, and since we don’t use the same algorithms as the big guys, you’ll discover hidden gems you might otherwise miss out on.

Lots of great features

Munch is filled with helpful features that make it easy for you and your buddies to choose a restaurant.

  • Groups: Join an existing group or make a new one and invite your friends. You can be in multiple at a time.
  • Gesture-driven interface (a.k.a., the good ol’ swipe left/right): A familiar feature, but instead of getting ghosted afterward, you get to eat delicious food. Sweet.
  • Restaurant profiles: You’ll swipe left or right on restaurants based on mouth-watering photos, then see all the information you need to take things to the next level with the chosen restaurant…like the number to call to make a reservation or place an order.
  • Filters: Select the cuisine categories you want to see and hide the ones you don’t.You can also filter restaurants by dietary restrictions, like vegan, gluten-free and Kosher.

Get Munch’n!

Stop settling for “I don’t care, we can get whatever” and choose “YES! That sounds SO GOOD!” Munch makes choosing a restaurant easy, even for a group of opinionated foodies. Never spend more time deciding than eating again. Visit to download Munch today.

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